Complications and managment of complications, retreatment of failures in implant dentistry and oral surgery

Complications and their retreatment are frequent occurrences in dental practices and knowledge of the management of such cases is essential.

The lecture will provide the dentist with surgical and implant protocols with a realistic, honest and practical overview of possible complications in dental surgery and implantology, how to overcome them with successful and predictable management outcomes, and retreatment that may be necessary and indicated.

Based on case documentation and the treatment options, complication management strategies are illustrated to the participants.

The presentation is designed as a short guide to the diagnosis, prevention and management of complications in dental surgery and implantology. It will demonstrate how to prevent errors in surgical and implantological activity and how to manage complications.

The aim of the lecture should be to understand the mechanics of these failures and enable clinicians to formulate a more predictable treatment and take away the fear of possible complications.

Puria Parvina CV